Château de la Basmaignée

Sunday Walk

Due to the current sanitary crisis, for your safety as well as ours, Sunday walks are cancelled until further notice. We hope to see you again soon.

Come with your family and friends for a Sunday afternoon walk in the woods of château de la Basmaignée, every last Sunday of the month from April to September, between 2PM and 6PM.

​​Due to the calendar of private events held at the château, some dates might change, or even be cancelled, in case of really bad weather conditions for instance. Any change will be notified on the news section of this website and/or on our Facebook page @chateaubasmaignee.

We are happy to welcome our visitors on our otherwise private property, and we are grateful of them to respect the following rules:

Visitors must register their arrival and departure in the visitors log book.

Visitors may come in through the main gate, facing the château, and park on the shingle, in front of the château. Please so not drive or park on the grass.

Visitors must drive slowly on the property, and motorized engines should only be used when arriving and leaving.

Visitors must stay within the property boundaries, and shall not venture on the neighbours’ land.

In general, the accessible grounds are: the forest area, in which visitors shall stay on the cleared paths, and around the château. Please stay clear of all inhabited buildings and respect everybody’s privacy.

We will accept no liability in case of an accident: visitors must therefore abide by these rules of procedure, and keep their children under surveillance at all times, and especially when close to the lake.

Please bear in mind that the forest is an area where wild animals such as deer, foxes or wild boars can be living in or just passing through.

Young children must be accompanied by adults who can legally be held responsible for their behaviour. Parents, teachers, educators and any other responsible person are legally responsible for the people they have the care of.

Dogs are allowed, as long as they are kept on a lead at all times. Their owners must also clean up after them if necessary.

The so called « dangerous classified dogs » of first and second categories, and any other dog known to be subject to aggressive behaviours, are not allowed on the property.

Please be extra careful around the lake. The banks might be slippery, and can be weakened by the presence of coypus.  

Château de la Basmaignée is a quiet area, and we wish to keep it so. Therefore, it is forbidden to:

  • Light a barbecue or any kind of fire
  • Smoke in the forest – You may smoke on the rest of the grounds, but you must not throw your cigarette butts on the floor
  • Swim or fish in the lake
  • Camp
  • Come with any kind of motorized engine (quadbike, moto cross…)
  • Pick up, cut, pull… wood, flowers, fruits, or any other natural resource
  • Hunt
  • Climb or build tree houses in the trees
  • Stamp on the flowers or bushes
  • Go over the fences
  • Throw, dump, and leave any kind of waste
  • Go after, wake up voluntarily, or trouble in any way the wild animals
  • Use any kind of loud or troublesome appliance
  • Post or hand out any kind of posters, flyers; advertise or beg in any way
  • Consume any alcoholic beverage or prohibited substance
  • Throw or use any object that could be dangerous (such as a boomerang)
  • Get inside the buildings
  • Carve any kind of inscription in the tree trunks
  • Carry out any kind of research in the grounds with any kind of tool such as a metal detector, a shovel, a pickaxe, etc.
  • Ice skate on the lake in case of icing
  • Practice paintball or any kind of similar activity
  • In general, any behaviour that would trouble the peacefulness of the premises and of the other visitors is forbidden.

Photographs, videos and paintings are allowed for a personal use, subject to the compliance with other visitors and people’s privacy and image reproduction rights.

Photographs, videos and paintings for any commercial use is forbidden.

Visitors must be dressed in a proper manner and must behave in accordance with morality and public law and order.

In case of really bad weather (storm, ice, strong winds, etc.), or any other justifying motive, visitors may be invited to evacuate the premises.

The members of the association are responsible for any kind of damage that they could cause by their own act, or by the act of the people, animals or objects of which they have the custody.

We disclaim any liability for any damage or theft caused to the vehicles parked on the property.

When one person of a group signs the register, said person is liable for the members of their group, and must check in and register the number of people among the group. The group members must, the same way as everyone else, abide by these rules of procedure.

Any offence to these rules of procedure shall be removed from the property and will not be welcome again.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any question.

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