Château de la Basmaignée

The historical flag
on the château roof

In a recent video of Doing It Ourselves, you could see Billy and Michael going up on the roof of the château with the cherry picker, to mount the flag on the flagpole. 

Following the video, we have received from people have been wondering about the history of the flag. If you were curious about it, here come your answers! 

The flag is in fact the historical coat of arms for the Mayenne department, where we are located. It is composed of different elements: 


Coat of arms Mayenne

⚜️ The two fleurs de lys and the red border are symbols of the old historical province of Maine, which Mayenne formed together with Sarthe, but also of the current Anjou area, neighbour with Mayenne ; 

🏴 The ermine, the black symbol in the middle, is very famous for representing Brittany, the strong neighbouring region of Mayenne ; 

🐆 The leopard is an element showing the proximity with Normandy, and is also a part of the coat of arms of Laval, capital city of Mayenne ; 

🏞️ Finally, the river shape in the middle of for the river Mayenne itself, which runs across the department, and which gave its name to it.

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