Château de la Basmaignée

Doing it ourselves:
a vlog about life at the château!

It’s a couple of weeks late that I write this announcement, so a lot of you probably already know about it, but here goes: Billy’s brother Michael, who lives with us here at the château, has started his Youtube channel called Doing It Ourselves, and it’s about life at Basmaignée! 

His first vlog aired just over two weeks ago, and he already has over 70 000 subscribers on his channel, it’s crazy! 

Enough chit chat, I’ll post the links to the first three episodes below, so you can watch them. 

So far, after his introductory episode, Michael has shown you some of the outdoors of Basmaignée, as well as a part of the château. Next week’s episode will be more of the interiors, with rooms that we haven’t touched yet. 

As Michael explains in the title sequence of his vlog, the episodes will be all about how we work, live and play here at Basmaignée. true, so far there hasn’t really been a lot of DIY, if any, and that’s because as you probably know, we are currently in quarantine in France, so we can’t just go out and get our supplies to pursue our renovations, but don’t worry, you will see a lot of DIY in the future! 

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy those first three episodes, and feel free to drop us a message if there is anything specific you’d like Michael to show or talk about in his next videos. 

And finally, on behalf of Michael, a huge thank you to all of his subscribers, to all of you who watched and enjoyed his videos, thank you for supporting him and his work. It’s been an unexpected success from the first video, and we hope you keep enjoying it!!! 

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